The family came from Minden and environment
The name of the family von Borries is written 1400 ago in different way
The listing of the hereditary funerals in the Martinikirche in Minden specifies a Börges beside a Börries as an owner of a hereditary funeral
Members of the family attained respected positions in the city
The family placed mayors of the city Minden
The family split about 1560 into two main lines, which were designated after their properties:
"Borries oben dem Markt"
"Borries in der Bäckerstrasse"
First became extinct 1885
The older, Johann Borries on the Bäckerstrasse, divides into two trunks

Heinrich [I. Linie]
Anton [II. Linie]

By emperors Karl VI. was lent to the law and Konsistorialrat Johann Friedrich Borries on 20 August 1733 for itself and its conjugal descendant an aristocracy renewal diploma under confirmation of the noble coat of arms
This bestowal was confirmed by decree of the Prince Elector George II. of Hanover from February 1734

On 1 September 1777 emperor Josef II. lent the renewal diploma a confirmation of the aristocracy to the council Franz Christian von Borries
[this line become extinct]

On 17 Januaryy 1816 king  Friedrich Wilhelm III. of Prussia lent to the chamber secretary Johann Heinrich Borries and its nephew,
war council Karl Dietrich August, electoral Hessian Mayor Friedrich Philipp and George Ludwig Wilhelm, for itself and its conjugal descendants the aristocracy

On 5 June 1860 raised king George Vth from Hanover his Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Friedrich Otto von Borries under award of a coat of arms into the count conditions

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